Good Communication Is Key

Good Communication Is Key

20 March, 2017
by Daragh Doyle

I’m always fascinated by how our past, millions of years of evolution, has shaped our minds and has a huge effect on how we function and live today. Of all the various bipedal apes that forms the branches of our ancestry we possessed one characteristic that allowed us to flourish; complex communication.

As 3d visualisers, it’s our job to do just that; create a channel to allow a smooth transition of information. Whether it is to sell a product or to allow two disciplines to synthesise, good communication makes sense. In my experience no two jobs are the same which keeps the role interesting! In a world of ever advancing 3d media, I find that often simplicity can be overlooked; sometimes we can over think a problem and miss an obvious solution.

Below is an animation created to explain the interior layout for The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC). It’s a great example of conveying work place principal information for an interior fit-out.

I am constantly striving to create better ways to communicate ideas and am finding that if my solutions are tailored to the specific job, they will be successful. What’s more the client will want to utilise the platform I have created (animations, interactive flow diagrams and floor layouts, 360 panoramas) as part of the design process. The audience may be the general public, or perhaps a team of architects and engineers, all of which require a different approach to communication.

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