360° Panoramic Design

360° Panoramic Design

19 February, 2013
by Daragh Doyle

There’s nothing new about 360° Panoramas but at The Graphical Thread (TGT) there’s something different about these panoramas. The team at TGT are creating 3d visualisations in 360 degrees – again, perhaps there’s nothing new about this concept. However, we’re talking about creating more than just a stand alone 360 visualisation of a section within space but rather a virtual tour of an entire area.

This way of viewing a space, like a floor plan of an office block or a plan of an apartment, eliminates the need for traditional animation walk-throughs, and what’s more is completely interactive. It allows the viewer to completely understand a space whether it be a concept for a space layout or a need to understand the colour pallet and design of an interior. The viewer can chose a room to explore & view that entire area in 360°; no need to watch a camera moving through a stairwell or boring corridor!

A picture paints a thousand words. You can check out an example at the image link below.

This video shows samples of 3d renders as 360° panoramas & object spins.

Interactive 3d Panoramas can be created allowing the viewer a complete 360° understanding of the space. Assuming you are viewing this on a computer, just click on the plan below then drag in the interactive window.

On a phone or tablet? No problem! Click here instead.