3d Flythrough & Information Video


Brief Outline

This page has been created to explain and outline key differences between a Budget and a Premium video.
It is worth noting ‘video’ is the term for the overall finished production, which can contain a combination of 3d flythroughs, animations, text and graphics.

The below examples show visually what can be achieved in both the Budget and Premium options.

Typically, in both cases the same ‘story’ and information is portrayed, however the Budget version is mostly 2d graphics and the Premium version contains 3d animations, flythroughs and motion graphics – giving this option more visual appeal.

Example 01 – Budget vs Premium

Example 02 – Budget vs Premium

Please bear in mind that we have had a limited briefing for this project and the above is a visual reference guide only. We are more than happy to discuss project particulars further, and explore and suggest how specific requirements may be conveyed in the context of this video.

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