The Graphical Thread – About Us

Our role as visualisers at The Graphical Thread is to translate & communicate

the graphical thred about-imageBased in Melbourne, we create 3d visualisations and imagery for architects, interior designers and developers.

As visualisers it’s our job to create a channel to allow a smooth transition of information. Whether it is to promote a product or to allow two disciplines to collaborate, good communication makes sense.

At the Graphical Thread, we are constantly striving to create better ways to communicate ideas and we find that when solutions are tailored to the specific job it will be successful. The audience may be the general public, or perhaps a team of architects/engineers, all of which require a different approach to communication.

In essence our role as graphical visualisers is to translate and communicate ideas and designs by using the correct language or visualisations.
Thanks for your time!

Daragh Doyle.

The Graphical Thread.


The Graphical Thread Showreel 3d animation